Shutters in Colorado

Shutters in Colorado

Wood Shades for Your Colorado Springs Home

Colorado Springs wood shades

Colorado Springs wood shades make great window treatments for almost any room in the home.You may have heard them called matchstick blinds or bamboo shades. Just like wood blinds, wood shades are made of natural wood and offer all the great characteristics of wood which goes with any type of room decor or interior design. On top of style, these shades also offer an extra element of privacy within your home. They will block out the majority of sunlight when completely closed, making it difficult for anyone to peer inside your home. These shades are perfect for any room that is flooded by sunlight since they provide black out effect when closed. This also means that the more sun they keep out, the better insulated your home is which cuts down on energy costs.

You will also find that these shades allow you to control the amount of light. This is why they are the perfect for the home owner who wants light control as well as extra home privacy.

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Why Colorado Springs Should Hire Us For Wood Shades

If your home is in need of an update, look no further than Colorado Springs Shutters. We provide custom window treatments such as Colorado Springs shutters, blinds, wood shades or plantation shutters which will transform your home from bleak to chic. We carry every color, style and design that you can think of. This means that you will be sure to find the perfect window covering for your Colorado home.

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