Shutters in Colorado

Shutters in Colorado

Colorado Springs Window Draperies – A Treatment for Your Windows

July 20, 2012 at 7:22 pm | Category: Drapes

Curtains, Draperies, Sheers, Panels. Many words that help you achieve the same goal: Cover and decorate your windows in Colorado Springs! You know what style and color you desire, but what length is going to do the job and enhance the look of your room? Come explore your options and I will give you the inside scoop.

Long and Luxurious – If you are going for a more formal look, then Full-length Draperies are your best bet. You may have seen Colorado Springs draperies that are puddled (meaning there is extra fabric that is bunched up on the floor) and in most cases they emit an air of formal European design (i.e. not practical). They look their best if they are stationery panels (not operable) but they are dust and pet hair collectors so I would advise you to steer clear of this detail. On the contrary, I have my clients draperies made so they are just barely touching the floor. They are less likely to get dirty and they look a lot neater, especially if you are opening and closing the draperies.

Middle Ground – Mid-length Curtains that fall just at or a few inches below your window sill give a more casual look. They look great in Country & Casual environments and we see them featured often in kitchens, bathrooms and kids rooms. I recommend that you buy them sill-length for the kitchen sink area and a bit below everywhere else.

Way up There – If you are just looking for something to frame the window but not necessarily cover it, then Top Treatments are a good way to go. They can also be used in conjunction with draperies. Valances, Swags and Balloons are a few examples but please do not skimp on the fabric. The top treatments sold in most big box stores are sad and droopy. Window treatments are worth a few more dollars and cheap ones are easy to spot. Think of what you see first when you walk in a room. Yep, it is the Colorado Springs windows!

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